are you stupid?

@ezzrssi (11195)
December 23, 2006 4:27am CST
i'm not and you?
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@Sorathian (4330)
• Pakistan
24 Dec 06
What A Stupid Question Is This !! ;-) I guess no one is stupid all the time. Its just the circumstances which influnces one to act as a Stupid. Generally i am the person of reasons and logics and never act stupidly but yes some times even i become stupid. Mostly when i m not having a proper sleep then my whole day goes very sleepy and usually i have no idea of what is coming out of my mouth. Thats the day when most of my co-workers can pull my leg or make fun of me.
@haan69 (106)
• India
24 Dec 06
am koool,super koool....nt stupid maaaan
• Portugal
23 Dec 06
Hey =) I lots of times feel really stupid with lots of situations , I thing all people that and if don´t say that is because they aren´t true when they say that. sometimes when I do wrong things, like big or small mistakes I feel really stupid for didn´t the correct thing =/ but life is like that we aren´t god and we make lots of mistakes. Maybe we can ask, what is the meaning of feeling stupid? Maybe is a feeling of a mistake in a easy thing or in a thing we know, that makes we feel really bad, do you agree? so feeling stupid is normal and we don´t have to lie about that =) regards.
@lordmicch (659)
• Italy
23 Dec 06
I am very smart man!
• Italy
23 Dec 06
No, im a very clever person and im happy and friendly, but sometimes i m stupid, above all when i am with my friends