Should America Rework Democracy?

@loopie (123)
United States
December 23, 2006 4:59am CST
So today like alot of other days I began thinking about alot of things. And America came to mind. It seems to me that other countries that aren't as democratic as us are doing better. We have so many protests and people complaining about the government. We have so many people trying to change the way we are run. We have put the idea in the minds of everyone that they can change whatever they want about the country. Sure, that's cool an all, but honestly its a pain for average citizens like me who aren't all gung who about screwing up everyone else's program. I love America, but it seems like they are giving the people too much say in the government. Look at England and other European countries with monarchies and what ever else they have. Doesn't seem they're quite in the crap heap we are at the moment. Their leaders aren't being cursed and damned. Is it just that I don't hear about it? Should America buck down a bit?Seems like they divided the power out too thin also. We have one person in control of every city in America. Too many people to all coexist and run a nation as large as America in my opinion. Too many different thoughts on what should be done. discuss.
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