What Diet has worked for you?

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December 23, 2006 8:25am CST
Like alot of others I have tried many different diets. Some have worked some haven't. What has worked for you?
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21 Apr 07
A plus rating for the discussion question! The "No Diet" diet is the very best one. If you go on a diet you are setting yourself up for failure - most especially if you tell Anyone (including family, best friends, etc) about it. As soon as you let it slip up, for some reason, they keep reminding you of it, or worse, they keep offering you food. The best tips I can offer (and I lost 50# in just a few months with this life change) -Use a smaller plate than usual, fill it with food but you are still getting smaller portions (do not go back for seconds. -Put your fork/spoon down after every bite and really chew your food and taste it before you swallow it -Yes, by the time you get to the end of your plate, some of your food is cold, but at least you remember what it tasted like - you didn't know that when you were gulping it down -Drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water -I mix 8 oz cranberry juice with 52 oz water and make certain that I drink all of it every day -It also helps if you drink a cup of hot water with half of a lemon squeezed into it in the morning if you can do that (adding sweetener is alright if you have to) -Do NOT give up ANY desert that you love! That is the biggest reason that diets fail. As soon as you "slip" and have some, you feel guilty and lose all of the will-power you started with. If you want a piece of cake - have it, just in a smaller portion, the same goes for cookies - only 1 or 2, not a box- full, ice cream - 1 great big scoop or 2 small ones, You get what I am saying. You can even really indulge with Milky Way or Peppermint Patty candy bars. The trick is to freeze them and just nibble at them. -Finally, walk. You don't have to walk far. 6-8 blocks a day and back again. It really does not have to be miles and miles; and you don't have to run or jog. Good luck ~Donna