Is speed posting here allowed?

December 23, 2006 10:08am CST
Is speed posting here allowed? This is what I did today because I get so tired replying each topic individually due to the slow response of the site on some events. What I did was, I opened 10 tabs in my firefox browser each with mylot. And then I choose a topic I like in which I can answer with quality answer with each tab, until I collate around 10 discussions on my browser. I answer each one of them, but I don't post them yet as I need to finish the 10th discussion. After that, I send them one by one. This way, I can finish 10 discussions with ease and save me a lot of time. I experimented on how fast I can do it, so I opened 5 browsers each with 10 tabs so I can finish 50 discussions with ease. I accomplished that in an hour as I am a fast typer. Is this allowed here? Or, should I return to answering individually? I'm new here so your valuable inputs are very much appreciated.
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• India
23 Dec 06
As long as you provide a genuine reply, I don't think you are breaking any rules.
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• Philippines
24 Dec 06
Thank you. Yes, they are all valid and genuine replies and not a yes, no, or uh hu...type of cheat replies. I made sure it was 4 lines long, if possible. I did posts 2 lines only due to the inadequate information the discussion starter made, so I had to guess what he really wanted to say there. Anyway, I found out that it is better to post those intelligent discussions and those that made sense, because I encountered a lot of discussions which are totally irrelevant which only serves to attract quantity posts and not quality. In which case, you get only what you deserve, a lower rating and a lower earning. Anyway, thanks.
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• United States
23 Dec 06
hi never throught to do it