Suggestion on banning adult TV channels?

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@raghwagh (1528)
December 23, 2006 12:17pm CST
I think that banning adult tv channels is not good.It is injustice toward those who want to view them.I think every person has a right to see what he wants.Government has no right to force rights on its country men.Also it is the responsibility of parents to see that their children dont watch such channels.What do you think?
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• India
24 Dec 06
I refer to Information & Broadcasting Ministry and the High court banning Adult movies on TV. Though they should be lauded for their concern for the children but they should also have considered the whole gamut of repercussions before taking a decision to ban “adult movies” on TV. By completely banning adult movies on TV what they have effectively suggested is that TV is meant only for children and not for adults. Besides, by depriving the adults of their share of entertainment the message is conveyed that if the adults want to watch adult movies then they have to watch these movies in theatres or on DVDs. But it should be noted that in India not everyone can afford watching movies in theatres every week and not many households can afford DVD players nor they can afford to waste so much money on DVDs as they have to bear the already steep Cable expenses every month. And those who can afford will watch movies on pirated CDs thereby worsening the Piracy problem. There should be no objection if the adult movies are aired late in the night. If children still watch them late in the night then it is the fault of the parents who should have control over their children. Therefore why have a complete ban on adult movies and deprive the adults of their entertainment late in the night. The adults need their share of entertainment. They work hard day after day to feed their kids without minding themselves so what is the harm if we they ask for some luxury to watch TV. Yes, somehow in India TV is sill a luxury. It seems we only resort to the easiest but ineffective solutions to our problems - Banning. But this ban will never help curb children viewing such stuff but it will only derive the Indian audience of some very wonderful movies which had A rating because of its darker theme. This ban will also discourage the filmmakers who want to make different kind of movies with mature themes, as they won’t be having any audience watching these movies after this ban because in India majority of people prefer watching movies on TV and not in theatres due to financial constraints. If movies with mature and different themes don’t get made then all the audience will get to see are those dumb mushy melodramas and those pathetic boy-meet-girl love stories thereby worsening the quality of Indian movies further? On one hand we aspire to make Bollywood a force to reckon with internationally and on other hand we ban such movies. The filmmakers stand to lose heavily as they won’t be able to sell satellite rights if the ban is implemented.
• India
24 Dec 06
its absolutely wronggovernments part to stop the adult tv chanels... every body has the right to watch and do want they want......... stopping these chaneels affect the growth of india itself. in metropolitan countries like u.s u.k etc its not at all banned hence they have grown up.. a country cannot be developed with positive things only but there should some negatives also........ there is no one 100% perfect