the problem with exes...

United States
December 23, 2006 2:00pm CST
i have an ex addiction. the first step to battling it is to admit it, so there. now i can't say its all my fault. there are enablers everywhere in my life it seems, the enablers being my exes themselves. i can't help that i treat them well while we're dating, that we usually get along like best friends, and that we typically end on good terms, or that even if we ended on bad terms they all crawl back saying how much they miss me. i honestly don't know what it is, or what i do, but for some reason i feel like half of my best friends are ex boyfriends. its not a good addiction to have, let me tell you. its like crack. having them there and knowing you shouldn't touch it but not being able to stop. i talk to one or more ex boyfriend a day. like clockwork, one ex calls me on the dot every other day at 5pm and we talk for 2-3 hours like we haven't talked in ages. every time i'm back at my parents' home from college, another ex will call me non stop until i'll go to dinner with him. even though i know he has a girlfriend. maybe i should start a support group. if i'm not the only one. i just can't convince myself that this is one of those addictions that needs battling. what do you think?
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