do wines really get better with age????

December 23, 2006 2:06pm CST
ever wondered ,if those dusty bottles of wines in your parents basement have aged to a rusty perfection? after resting on their sides for 20-30 years ,are they really woth anything??? despite the conventional wisdom that older wine is better ,there are only few wines who improve with the age .if that doesnt deter you ,here are some good tips that how to choose a wine who will emerge you from your cellar in a few yrs with a mature flavour while retaining with a touch of youthful vigor and even if you are not the aging type ,i ll clue u in how to store any bottle of wine once u have openend it most bottles of wines are consumed on the same day of purchase & wine producers support this trend by making barrels n barrels of wines that will taste never any better than the day u buy it the classic wine for log haul is red bordeaux n burgundy but barols from italy is cheaper at the high end of quality is vintage port ..but avoid late bottled vintage not all red wines have aging potential . storage conditions r important as well .the typical basement is best place to store wine n at last bottles must keep on sides to keep their cork moist so tht were sm tips from my side ...come on u wine lovers n share ur thoughts
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