@cooltj89 (387)
September 25, 2006 8:42am CST
What is the size of your posts on it just the small one-liners,a mid-range paragraph or the 200+ words post.give in your honest responses....and reasons for your following actions.
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6 Oct 06
I think most of mine are around two-three lines, I don’t think that’s long at all, though certain discussions will draw more interest from me and naturally I’ll rabbit on to the full extent that I can without my fingers becoming sore.
@cooltj89 (387)
• India
8 Oct 06
yeah,thts pretty good work your doing my friend.....
@kataztrophy (1839)
• United States
5 Oct 06
If the topic can be answered with one word, I usually dont try to expand on my post. I try to refrain from doing alot of one liners, but I am not totally against it.
5 Oct 06
I agree, writing for the sake of writing isn't really wise. If you have a point than naturally explain it in the most detailed way you can.