After you bathe do you turn on the shower to rinse off?

@misste78 (539)
United States
December 23, 2006 2:15pm CST
After bathing I always turn on the shower to rinse off. My cousin told me that was wierd but I think that if you sit in a tub of dirty water you are still dirty. Am I alone here?
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@megs85 (3145)
• Australia
24 Dec 06
When I have a bath for relaxation purposes only I have usually already had a shower earlier that day and as such dont feel the need to rinse off under the shower. I dont usually have a bath for cleaning purposes but if I do, I like you, like to rinse off the stagnant water in the shower afterwards.
@misste78 (539)
• United States
24 Dec 06
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. Thank You.
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Well i think yeah it's kinda weird thing for me. hehe Coz actually, i am using shower and i don't need to get a shower again just to rinse myself up. LOL Well we do have our own mannerisms and its yours, so we have nothing to do with that. Have a nice day ahead.
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