Mylot put a smile on my face at last

@kcbomba (616)
United States
December 23, 2006 2:22pm CST
Oh , l really can't express how joyful l am ; after more 2months of pennyless/empty egold account - Mylot came thru and threw life into my 33079..... egold account again . l feel overwhelm and joyous for seeing for the first time since more than 2months now ,that l was wrecked by hyips , Mylot paid me my earnings. lnfact, l really didn't take Mylot serious ,due to their payment options then ( Paypal and ikobo) , but as the good lord may have it they've finally switched to the only true universal online account processors - egold ! Now l can smile again , after 2months of stagnation , am not saying l even have any plans whatsover about the payment there , but am atleast relieved to see my own account balance tranform into digits greater that zeros . You guys should pray for me , that this little seed ($14.10) will grow and never to fall to the dust again . ---cheers all !!!!!! KJ .
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• India
23 Dec 06
congrats dear. and im in queue waiting to get my atmost to it.. plz pray for me frnd
@kcbomba (616)
• United States
24 Dec 06
l prayer and best wishes is that we all find our happiness and fulfullment in life..............and eeeeeeeeeehm - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE IN MYLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT
@sunshinecup (7881)
23 Dec 06
I'm happy for you, congrats. I like hearing good news, even when it's not mine. *high 5*