Opps....I wasnt thinking

United States
December 23, 2006 9:32pm CST
So everyone has said or did something that made you want to open you mouth and insert your foot...meanign you said something that was not too nice without realizing it. My example: I was inside a store and my eyes had adjusted to the darkness in it. There was a woman behind me that was blind and as we walked out i blurted out OMG the sun blinded me---not realizing she was there and probably heard me. SO to TRY and cover my butt i said " i mean i cant see because of the sun.." Yah insert foot up to my knee!!!! so has anyone said soemthing like this that makes you think "OMG i am so sorry" PS: this is not to get into a polically correct debate..this is just things one might have said on ACCIDENT
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