are growth enhancers really effective?

@Matducks (130)
December 23, 2006 9:59pm CST
when we had a discussion about bone growth a thought came into mind.are growth enhancers really effective?if they are,would it show desired effects?.going back to bone growth,when cartilage growth especially in long bones stops,usually in the early 20's,the epiphyseal plates completely hardens (ossifies) so that only a thin epiphyseal line remains and the bones can no longer growth in length.growth ehancers in markets usually talk about stimulation of the growth hormone (GH),the problem is not in the GH production.question is will the bone respond effectively where the plates already ossifies?.if they do respond would your bones grow proportionately to ur body? growth enhancers can be effective when one is still in puberty stage where epiphyseal plates can still about in the early twenties?
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