I hate other Drivers, Sometimes! I mean All the Time!

@tulwave (174)
United States
December 23, 2006 10:40pm CST
I have a sales type job and I am on the road about 60,000 miles a year. I see it all and I have an advantage. I don't think truck drivers get a true feel of the drivers because they are so big and most drivers notice them. I am talking about driver facing driver in light trucks and cars. First, I don't think speeding is very dangerous on the highway. I am convinced that slow speed in the left lane is the most hazordous. I am not sure why certain groups of people feel it is their birth right to drive 55 in the left lane but there are certain people on US roads that will not move over. They will only move over for police. The other killer is the cell phone. I cannot believe bad it actually is. Poeple have no clue what choas they cause behind them when they are on the phone. I want to hear what just eats away at you.
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