What would you do if your friend farts right in front you?

December 23, 2006 10:55pm CST
I'm sure you guys have experienced this goofing around. What we usually do is if one of our friend farted right in front of us to annoy us while we are enjoying our lunch, we keep our cool. We finish our lunch first, relax a little bit, keeping silent for a moment and looking at each others eyes to motion the signal. When our farter friend is in visual range, one of the guys will offer him a great massage at his shoulders. The massager will bring him to a corner and offer him a seat. After that we cracked our knuckles and all of us rush to to him and beat him up, giving all sorts of moves we see from wrestling. There is only one rule and that is he has to whistle audibly before we stop the beating. We got our revenge and that should teach him not to fart ever again.
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