I use Mozilla Firefox - Its Add-ons are great - What about you there.

December 23, 2006 11:21pm CST
In the beginning there was IE, and IE was everything. But came Mozilla Firefox and I am now the hard and fast lover this great Browzer. I prefer Mozilla Firefox because of its very interesting Add-ons which provides its user with various services. Here are some of the Add-ons that make my Internet Browzing and Posting in MyLot a lot easier: 1. Cooliris - This is a very interesting Add-on which is useful when we are not sure what is behind a link. You hover the mouse over the link, and Cooliris will open a box that displays the content of the linked page. The cool thing is that you can do all the thing you normally with a browzer page in the Cooliris page also. 2.Performancing - A very cool tool you can use to post Pages to your Blog. It resides in your status bar. 3.McAffee Site Advisor: Great for it resides in your Status Bar as an elongated button and Whenever you visit a site it will turn green if the site is trustworthy. It will turn red and alert us when the site is of a dubious nature. THE GREATEST ADVANTAGE COMES WHEN ENABLED THIS TOOL DISPLAYS YOU SEARCH RESULTS(OF google etc.) in Colors as above. Simply Great!!! 4.Clipper - You can use this tool to clip the marked portion of a Web page and save it. 5.Jeteye _ An excellent Tool for organising your bookmarks. 6.Backword Enabled- Enables backward search when browzing. 7.STUMBLE - I SHOULD HAVE MADE STUMBLE THE FIRST ITEM HERE. I FORGOT BECAUSE I WAS SO USED TO IT. STUMBLE TAKES YOU TO SITE DEALING WITH THE SUBJECT OF YOUR CHOICE. WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!! These are some of the few Great Add-ons I use. Anybody can share their choice of add-ons that will be of benefit to others. Welcome Pals!!!
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@jo0911 (135)
• Philippines
25 Dec 06
I also use mozilla firefox as my browser. It has many add-ons to choose from compare to netscape, opera, and Internet explorer that you can use to enjoy surfing the net. And also, Mozilla Firefox is user-friendly.
@bogdanel (1208)
• Romania
25 Dec 06
I use Mozilla Firefoc because it works better on my computer. It manages better the resources and his addons makes me more secure than Internet explorer does. It is a study made starting 6 years ago. Thanks for asking!