December 23, 2006 11:36pm CST
Have you planned your life? Are you seeing your ambitions get fullfilled. Are you in a right direction or live it the way it comes? please let me know as i have planned my life like what i want to become? my ambition etc and i keep a close watch on the proceedings in my life.
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@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
19 Mar 11
Know what you want from life? I'm sure none of you know. At least knows what he wants from life. Modern life is evolving so rapidly and the changes are so radical from one day to another you simply need to reevaluate your prospects almost daily. And assuming that you achieve the goals and get what you want from life, what you do then? Looking for another purpose or do you want to stop? Other day, I encounter a site with some words "is a woman who knows what she wants out of life" beside a picture to illustrate a kid of 19-20 years. I blinked and I often scratch their heads. I briefly looked back 30 years and found that not only do not know yet what I want from life but I do not think I'll find out soon. I know what I want in the next let's say five years, but later ... not. I pass over the appearance of age and physical appearance leg. This lady was as if taken from an exhibition pitipoance pink, botox lips, big dark sunglasses and much, much glitter. So what he wants? Gucci shoes? Manolo? Rings Bvlgari or Cartier? And once you take the ring obtained goodbye diet, I took my wedding ring? At the tender age of 20 years, besides can not you lost innocence (not Miss the above case) you still at least 3-4 years of study at the front will help you learn what to want out of life. Then begin to explore your options. We're not in medieval times when the age of 14 entered the apprenticeship boys and girls began to look for spouses. Maybe it still faces various communities increased from childhood, but overall, the company has evolved. There are probably exceptions, those young talented small finds her vocation, and then make them all the steps are designed to nurture and grow their talent. Rare or less rare, they exist. But you never hear them saying "I know what I want from life. " It is a concept too abstract.
@smitty81 (34)
• Australia
24 Dec 06
I dont think anyone can plan their life completely. Life is unexpected, thats part of the fun of it. You should just sit back and enjoy it. The only things I have really planned in my life, are kinda vague- I want to start my own building company within the next five years. I'm marrying my girlfriend in March of next year.I'd like to have another child in 2-3yrs.