Friendship-a magnanimous relationship.

December 24, 2006 5:23am CST
Hello dear all, Here is a discussion,on so general a topic,yet so very old and so very true,interesting,soothing and on the truest and most lasting relationship in this world.Am I right friends? But how many of us actually value this relationship?Have we ever asked ourself?Do we have really true friends?It is said,"True friendship is like phosphorescence,it glows best,when the world around you goes dark".How very true. There goes a saying in the world's old scriptures of India in Sanskrit."Rajadwaare,smasaane jah tisthati,sah bandhabah." It literally means;one,who stands by you when before the king and in the burial ground too,is a true friend.I think,this is just one aspect of friendship.What do you all think. We shall all continue and participate in this discussion in it's next edition,friends.Till then,au revoir.
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