Do You believe in Fate, Acts of God or is everything just Random?

@cjsweb (88)
United States
December 24, 2006 8:39am CST
I do believe in God but I also think that most things that happen are random. I don't think everything happens for a reason but think that God helpd you get through everything. I don't think God sent Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans but I do think that God created the forces that created Katrina. I do believe God created the heavens and the earth but I also think he put us here to live our lives and doesn't script our every move. Any comments.
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@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
13 Feb 07
I do not believe in acts of God, and so I believe that everything is "random", but it is not absolutely random, in the sense that we can control, to a very minor degree, part of our destiny. But as I use to say : sh*t happens and there is not we can do about it. Just my opinion.
• United States
13 Feb 07
I feel life is a constant battle between good and evil. I also believe God does eveything in his power to protect us. When bad things happen I don't feel it was God but the forces of evil. I believe God has to fight off evil just like everyone else.
@sunshinecup (7881)
24 Dec 06
Well it depends, it's either random or a result of an act. I WANT to think God has reasons for everything, but I don't think that is true. Some things in life I can't beleive God would plan. However it does help to think there is some reason, even if you don't understand it. Does that make any sense, just think I have to live with my logic, LOL. Thanks for posting, great question!