Which is your Favourite TV Show?

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December 24, 2006 4:19pm CST
mine is JOEY..... urs?
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@djr5899 (51)
• United States
25 Dec 06
I liked Joey, and was not happy when it was cancelled. Yet another NBC show that was given a lousy time slot and not enough time to get ratings.
• India
25 Dec 06
yes i was also not happy when they cancelled it
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
25 Dec 06
mine is 7th heaven, American idol, and house is ok
• India
25 Dec 06
i ve never heard of that
• India
20 Jan 07
Absolutely nothing can beat friends.. But Joey was alright.. It was just so-so.. My favourite tv show after friends would have to be will and grace.. they r just awesome..
@maferick (1582)
• Brazil
16 Jan 07
i like joey too,but doesnt have anymore here in brazil:( but i love friends and desperate housewives and csi too,they are great!!
@usmcsgtwife (4997)
• United States
3 Jan 07
las vegas
@the_law (282)
• Sri Lanka
24 Dec 06
My favourite t.v show is definetly "The O.C". I absolutely love that show! I dont know why but for some reason i am drawn to it and have watched every eppisode in the first 4 seasons. I think maybe it is becasue i can realte to some of the content in the show but i really love it and it is defiently my favourite!