Hard Times! The More You Are Squeezed, The Sweeter The Victory!

@peaceful (3301)
United States
December 24, 2006 4:51pm CST
Each of us has gone through difficult times. Some of us will make it through this and some of us will not... That is the Nature of all Life and all is as it should be, except for one thing... Why does mankind still suffer from things that we should have evolved the strength, knowledge and will to overcome a century ago? I mean, dumb stuff like racism, sexism,homophobia, homicide and even worse, war and institutionalised poverty. I think that Nature, who gives us everything through the simple act of Living or just because we Live, is consistantly under the threat of being supplanted by this weird kind of "species wide insanity" that is tricking us into self destruction under the guise of building a better world. I would list all the "troubles" but we all know instinctively what they are. In some kind of morbid "milestone" headlines, the news reported that the murder toll in my city has reached 400 dead in this year alone. Sometimes, I don't know if the newscasters realise that they are talking about human beings anymore... They've all become statistics. Just a passing blurb to make the next commercial seem a little more interesting. Well guys and gals, I've got good news for you! Those symptoms and mis-behaviors will not make me Un-Peaceful! :) I am a Loving and Resourceful Human Being and I have a Purpose and an outright Passion for Life! My Will is to The Good Of All, and I really, really mean it... Even if all of Society crumbles into ruins, My Love of Life and of You and this Earth will survive and even thrive. I stand in Power and I Live in Peace. The mockeries and deceit of some will not win the All... I am Grateful to experience all of this. Pleasant or unpleasant it still is the stuff of life and it is to be Understood... Understanding is actually a Power... not just a sentimental knowledge of a person, place or thing... We Wiccans and Pagans know the value of Light, which is a component of Understanding... "When there is the Light of Understanding, there is the Power to Understand a thing (such as negativity) out of your Existance and to Be above such a thing..." To my Brothers and Sisters of the Craft in the infinite Blessings of the Wheel, I bid you Well-Being and send you Love from the deepest, Purest well-springs of my Heart... Joy, Abundance and Peace to each and every one of you, even if you are not of The Craft... I extend a Blessing of Boundless Joy and Prosperity to All... An' So Mote It Be...
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@villageanne (8554)
• United States
10 Feb 07
I enjoyed reading this. I dont think the news people care what they say anymore. They just are after the rating. I too think we grow from our trials and it sounds like you have grown from yours. I have learned and grown from mine also. Life can be so sweet and yet so cruel at the same time. I am a religious person. I try hard to not concentrate on the bad things of the world but the media makes that difficult. I am afriad these hard times are only going to get worse. I feel sorry for some of the people in the world today as they are just pure evil. But there is still some good people too and that is what I choose to concentrate on.
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@peaceful (3301)
• United States
10 Feb 07
Do try a "newsfast" my good friend, It's working wonders for me! This free up so much more of your mind for Good Thing, like Healing, Happiness and Homelife! ;) Plus you'll save money on your electric bill! LOL! Love, Joy, Abundance and Peace be with you!
@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
11 Feb 07
The system of 'caste'. is alive and well and global. The rich must become richer at all costs and the poor are left to wallow in their misery. Peace and love to you brother and to all those with an open heart. To those who are closed...enlightenment is yours for the asking.