Saturday Night Party

December 24, 2006 9:47pm CST
One Saturday night I went to a downtown party where I had a blast. It was a regular party where adult actions are strickly restricted. I was standing near the wall holding a beeer in my hand and gently shaking my body to the tune of techno music. Next to me was a girl dancing with a boy - touching their bodies. After few minutes, the guy left her all alone, just then I joined her. And we started dancing. Then I took to the beer counter and asked for a beer for her. And later we started dancing in the other hall. The hall was packed with young boys and girls. We started dancing, late she opened her and gave me a good kissing moments with her boobs. She even let me to put my fingers and rub her puzy. Few minutes later, one security gaurad arrived and blocked us doing thse stuffs. I had a great time that day.
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