United States
September 25, 2006 6:27pm CST
Why do people lose self control when it comes to money?
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@slimes (354)
• Ukraine
6 Jan 07
My dear,the same thing is applicable to my country and even worse!!Maybe "Greed" could be the answer
• India
13 Oct 06
It's because they dont know the nature of their real self. The real self is our soul. Money is of this world and when we get attached to it we lose control of our true self. In other words we become worldly. In Hinduism they say that money and all other worldly things are an illusion (maya). Attachment to this world and what it offers us distances us from moksha (salvation). In The Bible Jesus says that it's possible for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, but impossible for a rich man to go to heaven. The meaning is that when you become attached to money and what it can buy you, you dont attain salvation, because you 'fix' yourself to this world. Please note, it's not wrong to desire or earn money or to become rich. It's 'wrong' if you become attached to it - if you become possessed by it. You have a $100/- - enjoy it. You lose a $100/- - continue enjoying yourself.
@Trixy99 (194)
• Canada
6 Oct 06
Because money is something we need. We need it to feed our children, to pay the hydro to keep our family warm, to pay for the phone bill, to buy petro to get to work so we can keep earning that money to pay all the bills. It is a huge part of our lives. Everything we want to do depends on how much money we have. People get upset when they work so hard and yet struggle day to day. They may be angry because they work hard and see someone else having a better life then they are. They worry because they know they dont have medical insurance if someone in their family gets hurt or sick they wont be able to get the same medical treatment that someone with lots of money can. Look all the people in New Orleans. Why did they stay behind. They were warned. They didnt have the money to leave. There were no buses to take them out when they should have left. They had little to no money to pack up their belongings to run from the danger. Lets be honest. People are judged by how much they have or how little they have. Homeless people dont receive the respect that Donald Trump will. Why do people lose self control. Well that my dear is a no brainer. I am constantly hearing how some people will say stuff like "what does he need that fancy car for?" "They dnt need that big of a house" Look at her in that leather jacket, who does she think she is? People are judged on how they take care of themselves too, how are their teeth, are their finger nails clean, what style of clothes do they wear, are they out dated? How do we act when we see someone less fortunate than us? Do we turn up our noses and put on aires thinking we are better than them? Do you cross the road because you are afraid? Mmmm Why do people get upset or lose control? Cuz money is what people spend most of their waking hours about that's why