Another great way to earn residual income.

December 24, 2006 10:35pm CST
Have anyone of you joined network marketing? This is another great way of earning residual income. This company is called Global Domains International. This company provides .WS domain name. You can have your own here. Basically it's just like any other hosting company out there except you can make residual income from this company. As an affiliate for other hosting company you just get 1 time commission but with GDI they pay you monthly commission. What I can see from this business is : 1) You'll get a hosting account with your own domain name which you can use to sell other services or just for your niche Adsense sites. 2) You'll earn residual income from network marketing. For other network marketing company you need to sell or buy products from them to get PSV or GSV which will be the basis for commission calculation. This is the main problem with many of us. We have to keep selling to get commissions. With GDI you just pay $10 a month for your hosting account. And remember you can even earn more money with your websites. It could be from Adsense or your other services or products. So even without selling you can earn commission. You can get more information here or Take a look at the presentation and study it carefully. You'll get free signup to get started and promoting it to others. Cheers!!
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