What are your thoughts on selective reduction?

@babs6219 (153)
United States
December 25, 2006 12:31am CST
Selective reduction is the act of aborting one or more fetuses, typically in a multiple order pregnancy, in the interest of reducing the chances of problems, both for the fetuses and the bothering. We've seen discussions here on abortion....does anyone have an opinion on this? After all, it's still abortion, but with a twist. I think it's a good thing taht we have this available . No-one should be forced to have this done, and the risks are still great ( for example, you could do this and lose all the fetuses). But this way, the mom has a choice and is empowered. Please share your thought on this?
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@TiffanieC (827)
• United States
27 Jan 07
If the mother or the other baby is in danger then that is for medical reasons and I feel that is okay. I don't feel though that someone should do it just because they don't want twins or triplets or whatever. I don't want that but if it happens, we'll have to find a way to make it work.