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Sunil Pal - Comedian
December 25, 2006 5:17am CST
reply here if you like the joke a very thin man, about 15 kgs, and always talks about fighting and murdering,his coversation starts Why are you seeing at me bloody? Still watching? hey , tell him , i will lift him and throw him if he continues to stare Nobody can stand in front of me and talk to me i asked why? he replied, my breath stinks a lot of alcohol lolz 2 trucks went over me and nothing happened to me i asked why? was standing under a bridge lolz i said, if you are so powerful and daring then why don't you join army? he replied: yeah, i think so i said, don't go to indian army they won't let you in he said, who wants to join Indian army, i will join Iraq army and go against America lolz he went to iraq and there were registerations being done, and he starts your name? my name is Ratan Noora (aur kaam karta hoon khatam poora) and finishes all work completely okay, you have to fight against english soldiers, do you know english? RN (Ratan Noora) : yes, why not okay tell me RN: A to Z what is this? RN: bloody, whole english is between this only, is anything out from this? but how we can believe that you really know english? RN: i watch english movies which one have u watched? RN: The Turning Brain there's no such movie RN: there is, in which the train caught fire and Dharmendra saves lives of people you are taking about The Burning Train RN: oh yeah yeah, thats the one okay i have seen your front, now turn around to show me your back RN: no, its my pledge that i don't show back to friends, showing your back when ur friend is in some problem is a sin, i will show my back to enemies RN: now give me a big bom and make it on, i will just go now and finish your tension, he went with a very big bom to the border and after 2 days i get a call from him RN: hey Shahab, these guys are going to hang me who Americans? RN: no these Iraqis lolz why? you were with Iraqis, then why are they hanging you? RN: oh actually this thin body cheated me. what? i took the big bom, went at the border, screamed in lions voice " Come On You Bloody People" and as soon as i was going to throw the bom, a little breaze came and i was u-turned, half of the Iraq Americans have deleted and half my bom did, but don't you worry, i wont die i said, yeah , those who are in wars are martyr and not die RN: its not like that, actually i am just 15kgs, will only be hangind left right left right now die do you like this joke? don't forget to rate it and do post a reply, i know its too long, but i have typed it myself didn't copied it from anywhere as its not available any where on the net.
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