The Victory Peso

old peso - this is a picture of my old peso, this was given to me by my grand auntie the last time i went to philippine, she said its the first money after the japanese war.
December 25, 2006 6:00am CST
I have this peso bill since my Grand Auntie give this to me, she " this is your part of the Japanese and American war here" " keep this, this might give you some help" I accept this without any idea what she is talking about, I look at this piece and realized that it is an old peso. 1922 with the mark of Victory at the back, she said it is our money after the Japanese regime in Philippines. She give this to me before I depart back here in Kuwait to my husband. I ask a friend about this peso bill and he said this peso probably has a value but the question is how much, since it is a part of the country's history. I just want to know about the value and keep it for my keepsake..
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