Should i Forgive or Forget him ?

@amanda84 (263)
December 25, 2006 6:22am CST
I really love this bf of mine. I do anything for him but the problem is, he takes things for granted. He only come and find me when he needs me. Things got worse when i saw his sms. He rather sms this particular girl instead of me. He even put her name in his contact as My love Christina. I asked him bout this but he just said ntg. What should i do ?? I love him.
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@rurita (212)
• Indonesia
24 Jan 07
i dont believe if he say nothing for that word. of he dont have nothing with "christina" why he must put her name in his contact as "my love christina"???? weird... plus, he only meet you when he need your help, isnt it right?? if i were you, i will forget him .
@crazy_me (588)
• Philippines
25 Dec 06
I suggest you forget him. You do not deserve a guy like him. You deserve someone better. Yes you love him. But I think he does not love you. You'll only end up getting hurt more. Sometimes people hang on to a relationship more out of the fear of being alone than out of love, especially those who are in a relationship for quite some time already. If you are in that kind of situation, do not be afraid to leave him and be single again. Don't you think you are alone already? A relationship needs two people. He has already left you, though not officially. He already left you because he does not do his part anymore to make your relationship work. So what is the use of hanging on to a relationship that does not exist anymore? Of course it will hurt in the beginning because you love him. But I know you can live without him. There are lots of other guys out there. I am sure you'll find another one who will really love you. So don't make yourself miserable, girl. Be with a man you truly deserve. Someone who will always make you feel special.
• India
25 Dec 06
no way you should not believe that guy from now. when you saw other girls name mentioned as my love it clearly tells that you are not his love anymore, so please safegaurd yourself and try to be away from that guy. also dont believe him anymore as he was caught red handed...