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United States
December 25, 2006 10:34pm CST
i was so astonished to see this, a 150cc honda unicorn staring at me, it's wicked headlamps blurred my vision, its the smoothest in the 150cc lot available in india, apart from its other counterparts, unicorn is good in mileage, and u never now when u take a turn on it. whereas on the other bikes, you have to apply everything you've got to move around. its smooth handling and flawless torque is what makes me go mad at this vehicle. this 150kg bike is probably the best in its grey attire. it would never complain if you thrash her, would be obliged to respond, i believe this is what they mean by honda engineering. although its spare parts are way expensive than others, but its not a big price if you want to be the centre of gravity. i just cant stop myself, from admiring its flawless handling, this makes me the best in traffic, really, no one in my vicinity can beat me in the peak hour traffic and i can clock 15 minutes for 3 kms (this is in heavy traffic).
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