In the Line of Fire – Does Musharraf present the truth, or is he a fraud?

September 26, 2006 2:43am CST
Musharraf has once again brazenly attempted to twist the truth to suit his advantage. His biography could have been better named as ‘Looking Down the Barrel’rather than 'In The Line of Fire’, because this time he has gone one step too far! The timing and contents of his book show him as a charlatan determined to hog the world spotlight, one way or the other. As starters, he has lost his last shred of credibility not as a politician (he has no credibility in this aspect), but as an honorable military general, by presenting a counter factuality of the Kargil truth, and of his shameless revelation that the Pakistani govt. did indeed receive hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for handing over Bin Laden’s cadres involved in terrorism against the US. Further, he has not shown the right temperament as a military leader, by stating that his countrymen do not have the cohesion (patriotism?) required to counter an invasion by the US. Secondly, he has vainly tried to compromise India as a co-clandestine member of the Dubai ‘connection’, by suggesting that India’s Uranium enrichment technology "could be a copy" of Pakistani centrifuge design. By such base accusations, he is ‘Lucifer’, trying to drag down India also into the mire of perdition. But it merely shows the ‘sibling rivalry’ of Musharraf. Thirdly, he goes on singing the same old song on resolution of the Kashmir issue. Urdu/Islamic script is read from the last page to the first, and from right to left, unlike English and most other languages in the world. In Mr. Musharraf’s case, figuratively, one must apparently read (between) the lines in the same way to get at the truth. Anyway, the general consensus appears to be that ‘In the Line of Fire’ promises to be amusing, as it is being declared as an attempt of an ordinary man trying to paint a larger-than-life picture of himself, as a saviour of Pakistan, and in the process, making hundreds of millions of dollars for himself. Perhaps he has intuitively realized that the time has come for him to pack up
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@sunsham68 (1378)
• India
26 Sep 06
He is a hypocrite and should be pulled down from power before he disgraces the entire nation!