How to come out from frustration

December 26, 2006 12:54am CST
If some one is sustaining deep frustration due to sucess of others what are the mejor causes and steps to come out ?
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• India
26 Dec 06
well its useless to get jealous with others success, all you need is to sit and think what has been the reason that you where naot able to make it, and try to work in that rather than thinking on the worst part and let the otyhers fell jealous about your sucuess, i hop eyou have got me
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@akosi63 (331)
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
Maybe you're looking more on to other people than what YOU CAN REALLY DO. Just do everything you can, pray for what you need. I always believe that "The Best is yet to Come!"
• Janesville, Wisconsin
6 Jan 07
Well, Tell them to first calm down, and Plan a goal, then plan steps to reach that goal. Make smaller goals to reach that goal to be more successfully. Like for me. My First goal is to earn and save 200 dollars in a bank account as emergency money. Then to earn 200 more, to save for transportation money to an from a possibly job.... Then to save up for enough money to own grandpas old house, and if not his then, another home later on. So my goal was first to earn 20 a month, then try to reach 50 before Janurary, I have reached 57.. so I am 7 dollars over my mylot goal, and now my goal is to get to learn this Real Estate program, and to recruit more people to help us out in our team, since I will not be able to do much else yet... So it's small planning to help me get to the point to own a home and land for myself, where then I can accept people into my community, and help them set goals to help our community, as well as themselves. - DNatureofDTrain