Do you like poetry?

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December 26, 2006 3:16am CST
I like it
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@lena2000 (2392)
• Belgium
26 Dec 06
yes i do You think that I can only love you, a few weeks ago I would confess that I do. But right now I feel only glad that you’re away, and guess what I’m happy it turned out this way. I now realise you were definitely not the one for me, It’s a shame it took so long for me to see. You’re not more than a player in disguise, I don’t know how I could see that otherwise. Now I feel only hate, you don’t have to come back jerk it’s too late Now you’re thinking this all will turn out right, but I’ll never feel the same even if it might. I moving on there’s nothing more for me to say, I hope you’ll feel the same some day. I hope you feel so focking hurt, a girl you love will fly away like a bird. Now just fu k off cause you’re so focking wrong, you’re not the one to who I belong. One day you feel sorry, but I’ll be allright don’t worry. You’ll be the one who ends up alone, But you’ll have no right to moan.
@klint365 (107)
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
no i don't. :) peace my friend
@ashiflett (1045)
• United States
26 Dec 06
Yes, but it depends on the quality of it.