what if you only have six hours left to live?

@ddm610 (117)
December 26, 2006 3:22am CST
suppose you have this power to know whether you will die today or not, and suppose you find out that you only have six hours to live, what will you do with that six hours? i'll spend the first 30 minutes calling friends and relatives to come over to my house to eat, sing and dance.. (and hope everybody comes), the next hour and a half will be for the house party, then i'll leave them for a while and i'll invite my boyfriend to our favorite place and spend another hour and a half there. then we'll go back to the house to join others and have fun. and then the last hour will be for sending messages and email to those people who have touched my lives and saying sorry as well as forgiving those who i have come in conflict with. and i'll make sure that i have the last 20 minutes alone to reflect and give thanks for everything that i experienced here in this world..
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