i miss her

December 26, 2006 4:29am CST
it's been 4 days i haven't heard from my girlfriend. she haven't sent me any text messages and a phone call. i just miss her so much. i can't leave without her. she is my life and my everything. i love her very much. ilove her more than my life.
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• Brazil
30 May 07
FreddyJames, wake up my friend, love is necessary but not a HIGH priority. Try to make a balance and go live dude.
• Indonesia
30 Jun 07
Yeah youre right.. There is alot to do in this life not only love. But sometime people will go so weak becoz of this. And that is natural. Let the time fix him. Go call her fred!Do it if you really love her
• Philippines
7 Apr 07
well maybe shes just busy or no load hehehe.. mee too..i miss my girlfriend now..but we're texting everyday.... :) visit me www.glittersonline.com :)
@cheenlly (3483)
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
if you miss her then why not call her. If you really meant what you have said that you love her then why waiting for her to call you. You have to make the move yourself dont wait. If she cant be reach by phone then sent her a message or why not go to hear her.
@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
26 Dec 06
So why don't you call her????? She might think the same thing and she might want you to call her
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
26 Dec 06
Have you considered that she might have broken up with you?
@steerforth (1802)
• Italy
26 Dec 06
She doesn't call...why don't you phone her? :)