United States
December 26, 2006 5:46am CST
Do people that have no indicated religion have a faith? What will they have to help them determine where they are going after passing? This is the thing, here in my town there is a lot of religion based discretions and which is not ethical but there is nothing that us members can do. People judge one another b/c of a religion based background. Saying that they don't believe in god then they are going to hell and this that and the other. I understand that having or not having a religion doesn't not make you a bad person. The religion or the lack of doesn't control your faith to me. And it doesn't distiguish whether you go up or down. People need to understand that some people just haven't been educated on a religion that they are interested in yet.
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@canadabis1 (1955)
• Canada
26 Dec 06
I dont have a religion....but I've spent my life being the best me I can b...I may have slipped once or twice....but I'm still a reasonably good person. I'm just gonna leave it up to whomever is in charge of saying...you..upstairs...you downstairs...lol
@tutul0045 (2631)
• India
26 Dec 06
Yeah its wrong to judge any one by his religion. Religion is something which is made by humans and i dont
• India
26 Dec 06
ya i agree with u.
@caj1202 (162)
• United States
26 Dec 06
People who doesnt have religions have also faith...in themselves. I believe that anything that enters our mind is knowledge and this will be the basis of how we will be judge. If we know what is good and still do what is wrong, then we're violating the good the we know which is the law. Everything that we see around us - things, animals, plants, etc has a purpose why they exist and so with human beings and if we were not able to fulfill that purpose then we will be accountable for that.