Free energy Forever! no fuel prices!!

South Africa
December 26, 2006 7:12am CST
Steorn. The company thats gonna take over the world because it has created free energy and happily broken one of the fundamental laws of science, that of energy being a constant. They have found a way of using magnetism and creating more energy than is used. go to for more information. but what does this mean?? it means bush no longer has to wage war against the middle east, it means we don't have to pay for petrol or fuel any more. it means that man will have to find some other reason to wage war, and not base it on his greed anymore. it makes me very happy, gives a nice middle finger to those in the world who think their guns can keep them in power...
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@thoughts (10)
• Singapore
26 Jan 07
The time for free energy is WAY OVERDUE. I mean, how much more damage and pollution can our planet's ecosystem take before mass demand forces the powers that be to disclose such technology to the public? We should all work together and cooperate, to get such technology released, and distributed FOR FREE, and to as many people as possible.
@emmet18 (1116)
• Romania
26 Dec 06
Oho...very good ideea! I hope it will come true because we need very much that kind of energy urgent!!!
• South Africa
26 Dec 06
I have to admit to being somewhat sceptical whenever I hear claims like these, but at least these guys are willing to allow them to be tested, unlike a lot of other "free energy" people I will wait and see what happens.
@gabs8513 (48715)
• United Kingdom
26 Dec 06
Yes it all sounds very good but will it happen thats the Question as it sounds to good to be true here the prices have risen so much it is so hard now to afford to heat the House and to fill the Car up