Got a laptop for Christmas, need help

United States
December 26, 2006 7:23am CST
I need a broadband server for my laptop. The one I have been looking at is Cingular, but thier least expensive plan is $59 a month for unlimited. Of course when I am home I have my DSL and my desktop. But when I go to Texas and stay, we have a travel trailer and no phone, we use our cell. I need it so I can check email, do mylot, my blogs and other things. The thing is, I am in Texas maybe a week or two each month so hate paying for the DSL at my home and then have to pay $59 on top of that just to be able to surf the net and write. Does anybody have any suggestions of companies I could check out? I know most plans are by the page you download. Think about that, how many pages do you view just on MyLot? I sure would appreciate any and all ideas.
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