Amniocentesis yes or no?

December 26, 2006 11:12am CST
Amniocentesis is the diagnosis in pregnant. With this you can know before a birth if the baby have genetic defects. This can make after 15 weeks. With this exam also you can know if the baby is male or female. For this you need insert a large needle in the abdomen for get amniotic fluid. the amioncentesis have risk to problem or abort 1 of 100 pregnant have probles by this diagnosis. After read this Amniocentesis yes or no?
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@baboni (198)
• China
26 Dec 06 i concerned with baby's health
• Spain
26 Dec 06
ok thanks for all :) i yess too
• Spain
26 Dec 06
but the amniocentesis is not cure to the baby only talk information about the baby only is a dioagnosis information