holiday wishes community

December 26, 2006 11:18am CST
I joined a holiday wishes community on Livejournal back in the middle of November. I waited, and read, and even completed some Christmas wishes. I had 3 replies to my personal wishlist, which was mostly for my children, I wanted them to have a great Christmas. 2 people made comment of wanting my mailing address so they could send "toys for the kiddos" Well, I gave out my personal home address so they could do this, and nothing. Not a thing from either person. I am not ungrateful either, as far as I am concerned it was the thought which counted most... but if someone says they will do something like that, and asks for your personal home address, don't you think they should go through with it? I mean to me, I don't just give my address to anyone, because to be honest I am afraid of random people showing up at my door blah blah... but it was a Christmas wish community, and I did that for the wishes of my children. What do you think? Do you think if someone offers to fulfill a Christmas wish, that they should go through with it?
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