Have you ever proposed anyone ?

December 26, 2006 12:03pm CST
Come on .. don laugh.. Have you ever done it ?? I did it when i was in 10th clas.. everyone has got different style of doing it.. well.. i did it in a planned way.. i used to be in a residential school. Well i never wanted anyone to know it.. I drew the map of the school and started writing tree of probability as to what her reaction could be against my deeds, and then deviced a plan to meet her without the notice of anyone. and trust me it worked out til the end of it.. i had her alone in the class waiting for me, and she dint know who tat guy was who was pursuading her to get to the class alone. I found tat she was alone in the clas and it was my move.. but i found i just couldn move a muscel.. i was dumbstruck. i was completely afraid.. i just wanted to runaway from ther. but i made a firm decision and marched ahead.. ther she was standin gorgeous.. lookin at me.. surprised at me. and i told it out.. with a three line speech and just came out.. and here i am waiting for her to pick my call and i haven seen her since 3 yrs. waiting for her to explain me why she is not talkin wit me.. infact needless to say she did say yes after some persuation. It was awesome..
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@Bunny2 (2102)
• Australia
30 Dec 06
No, I hjave never proposed to anyone, and funnily enough my husband never proposed to me either. We just "knew" we would get married. We have been happily married for 25 years :) Last night we were witness to a proposal. My sister in law's partner proposed at his birthday party in fromt of family and friends. It was actually very romantic!
• India
30 Dec 06
wow.. thats great. Impressive. then what about the consequences ? married ? thanx for the reply
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