How do you feel about swearing?

@flor1n (235)
December 26, 2006 1:22pm CST
Does it matter if teenagers sometimes use bad language? I think thats not so important but i want to know your opinion too!?
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@kiiizu (1901)
• Estonia
26 Dec 06
Sometimes teenages makes me really laugh, when I listen to them, in the street, or in the bus, or shop. When they are together, especially the boys, they obviously want to demonstrate how mature they are, and are talking about drinking, relationships with girls, are swearing etc., and they are doing it very LOUD. Even if you dont want to listen, you have to. Then I'm usually thinking: what, if I could record everything, and let them hear it again in 10-15 years or so, when they are graduated, some of them would be married and fathers of children already - what would they do? Some of them would laugh, I guess, some would blush, some would swear even more, but I'm very sure, they all would be quite ashamed...
• United States
26 Dec 06
teenagers are gonna swear anyway eapecially in school but i dont think its right for them to be swearing when they are talking to or around there parents
@DRoddy77 (1778)
• United States
26 Dec 06
I dont think it's THAT big of a deal as long as they know when to tone it down and be respectful around other people who might not appreciate it or will be offended by it. I admit, I cuss, but not when Im in public or around other people that might be offended.