The Typist's Dilemma! Do you have this sickness?

December 26, 2006 1:26pm CST
Did you recently notice tpying sentneces htat looks lkie tihs? --------------------------------------------------------------- Is this happening to you very often? Then you must be getting old. It is an affliction that is predominant in older typists, you included! --------------------------------------------------------------- What is your experience in this?
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@wmg2006 (5383)
• United States
26 Dec 06
HAHAHA! ok I am getting old and I try to type to fast. Yes a lot of my sentences look like that after many hours on the My Lot site. My fingers go faster than my mind and then when I read it sometimes I think it is ok and still send them without corrections. I don't even notice the error until maybe the next day or so after I read it again and I am rested. We need spell check for us oldersters eh?
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
I started to notice that in the last 10 years. Early in high school, I was taught by my dad touch typing (from the old manual and heavy type), and since then, my fingers are as nimble as a ballerina on stage, flowing, fluidly on the keyboards, but of course, thru time, and age, the nimble fingers got stiff, and so often,loose, missing strokes and hitting the wrong keys. I've read, that this is a kind of mental disease, that creeps in to the system, slowly but is not harmful in any way ecxetp taht soemtmes I canont red my own tyiping. he, he, he.