do u think true love happens only once in lifetime?

December 26, 2006 3:32pm CST
hey i fel in love 4 the 2nd time in mi life...but what bout that saying " true love happens only once in lifetime"
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@sharksfin (1098)
• Philippines
26 Dec 06
I believe that true love comes once in a lifetime. We are talking about "true love" here. We can fall in love with as many people as we can, yes. But I believe that there's only one true love from among them. Not that we ddidn't really love the rest, but there's just one person who we can say we loved the most, we loved the best, we loved with all our hearts. There's just one person we feel and choose to be with for the rest of our lives. They don't necessarily have to be the ones we marry, but someone who just made a great difference in our life and with that we become the person we ought to be. Of course, each individual shares something to us. We learn from each love relationship but this true love is something else. Incomparable. You can just tell by looking and understanding yourself. How was i changed by the people who came into my life? Who made me want to become a better person? From among the loves in my life, who can I see myself with during my old days? I guess these are just some things to ask yourself to know if you already have found true love.
@LadyCroft (705)
• Australia
26 Dec 06
No I dont believe love only happens once, I believe you can be in love several times. But I DO believe we only have one TRUE soul mate.
@maryannemax (12172)
• Sweden
26 Dec 06
it happened to me many times. it's just that something goes wrong at the end. true love isn't perfect at all. true love means that you love someone so dear that you take that person in your life. it's not about ending up with the right person and all. it's when you see yourself inlove with someone. that's true love.