The funny things kids say......I KNOW you have a story....

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December 26, 2006 3:58pm CST
So, we want to hear a personal story about something funny a child has said. :-) When my sister was about four years old she wanted to know why mom had a short bottom and dad had "a long bottom". **laughing** Ah will say the darndest things!
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26 Dec 06
My best friend's 5 year old son came home from kindergarten one day and said "I don't think I need to go to school anymore, I've learned everything I need to know"
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27 Dec 06
Ha! Ha! That's funny! My brother Steven one time had been out playing in the yard and ran around so much he got a stich in his side. Mom told him "You have a stich in your side from your muscles working so hard". A few days later while working through some difficult flashcards (Mom homeschools) he told her "My brain has a stich in its side from working so hard!"
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3 Jan 07
No one else knows a child? If you know a child you have heard them say funny things. If you haven't it's becuase you aren't listening. :-)
@wmaharper (2316)
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6 Jan 07
I have been potty training my two year old little boy. He Hates having accidents, so the other day he comes to me very upset and says "momma, I pee pee on the NEW COUCH!" He wasn't the only one upset! (:
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7 Jan 07
Oh no! At least he told you before you sat down on it!