Would you marry a virgin??

United States
December 26, 2006 4:19pm CST
I am curious as to what other people feel on this topic. I personally would have no problem with a guy who is a virgin but are there people who this would be a turn off to? Male and female points of view are welcomed.
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@ndraj_2006 (1422)
• India
26 Dec 06
Its important to be virgins as they will not be disspointed in any kind. They should not excpect the virgin intheir life. take life as it comes. so, we should not test & hurt someone. you can test a woman but, how can you test a man. so, it should not be done.
• United States
26 Dec 06
thanks for all replies so far but I hope most guys don't feel the same as the first two posters' or I have my work cut out for me.....lol.
@srhelmer (6930)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
26 Dec 06
I would have to sleep with the woman before I would marry here (it would be like buying a car without test driving it otherwise). So, I wouldn't marry a virgin.
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
26 Dec 06
Yes and the girl has the right to "test drive" the guy too, I think guys who want to marry a virgin are afraid of comparison lol
@ezzrssi (11195)
• Italy
26 Dec 06
is not a necessary thing ,important is that is a girl like you :)
@anjuscor (1266)
• India
26 Dec 06
If you expect a virgin in your life, you make sure that you are a virgin. Always you should respect people. So dont think what they have done before, forget the past. So make sure he and you are truthful to each other. There are circumstances, where people loose their virginity. So make sure that before you marry anybody, you will tell them teh truth that whether you are a vrigin or not.
• Hyderabad, India
26 Dec 06
i don't think so, who know the girl is virgin