How many of you support Veganism?

December 26, 2006 6:55pm CST
"Veganism (also known as strict vegetarianism or pure vegetarianism) is a philosophy and lifestyle that avoids using animals and animal products for food, clothing and other purposes. In practice, a vegan (an adherent of veganism) commits to the abstention from consumption or use of animal products, including meat, fish, and poultry, animal gelatin, honey, eggs and dairy products, as well as articles made of silk, fur, wool, bone, leather, feathers, pearls, nacre, coral, sponges and other materials of animal origin. Most vegans also avoid products that have been tested on animals. People become vegans for a variety of reasons, including ethical concerns for animal rights or the environment, as well as more personal reasons such as perceived health benefits and spiritual or religious concerns." Do you think it can make the world a less cruel and better place?
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@thinky (11)
• United States
22 Feb 07
How do you define cruel? For myself, I think it is cruel to kill. No matter what. Animal or Human.Therefore I think the world would be a much better place. Better because there would not be this huge suffering happen in the animal kingdom. Would that change human nature? I don't know. People seem to have this need to have war, to hurt other people physically. Me and my family are vegan, and I can only say, give it a try. See if you feel anything changing inside yourself.
@jricbt (1455)
• Brazil
12 Jan 07
I support veganism. I love to eat meat, I eat meat every day, but I think that people have not only the right to be vegans, but at least some 10% more of the population should become vegans. It would mean an increase in quality of meat and associated animal products (since less people would be eating it). Seems contradictory, I know, but it is not a joke.
@angelicEmu (1311)
27 Dec 06
I don't think that you can stop humans being cruel by enforcing veganism. Personally I've nothing against people choosing the lifestyle and diet which is right for them. I think it's the nature of modern western society to get all they can - greed and feeling superior to everyone and everything else are the key principals of capitalism. I don't think, unless things change a lot, that this will change - society as we know it is far too corrupt to change unless it sees a bigger personal gain through such a change, or its imminent destruction (in people's own lifetimes) unless they change their ways. As things stand, with the destruction of species not seen as "useful" or "necessary", the genetic modification of even the species we do need, and the destruction of nature on a huge scale, if it weren't for farming animals for their products, many of the species which exist today, would have been made extinct by now. So whilst it's greed and selfish gain which keep them in existence, at least they ARE still in existence. Sad, but true!