Game for PC: Soldat:D

soldat - soldat gameplay
@deejlux (524)
December 26, 2006 7:48pm CST
Do u know this one?:D Soldat is a unique side-view multiplayer action game. It takes the best from games like Liero, Worms, Quake and Counter-Strike and gives you fast action gameplay with tons of blood and flesh. Soldiers fight against each other on 2D battle arenas using a deadly military arsenal.You can also play in online multiplayer matches or with bots. Give it a try:D Download it,set your configuration files and your all set! Any people who are looking for a solid action/war game then this is the game for you.. you can add maps, mods, and play with other people from the internet... You can also register too if you want some more features, but it's only optional:)
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@drakan291 (817)
• Ireland
28 Apr 07
It just doesn't look very real. I'm sorry but i am going to stick with games like Morrowind!
@jamz82 (1861)
• Italy
8 Feb 07
it seems to be a very funny game in style of worms. I liked very much Worms. as soon as I can I will try Soldat. Now I'm playing much more webgames games like battle knight. I spend some time there every day. I own to clans in two differents servers there.