new policies of MYLOT

@muntaha (376)
December 26, 2006 9:29pm CST
Have you seen mylot's recent it is "We’ve listened to the myLot community and have implemented several new features to make myLot even better. First of all, the search function is a lot better. You can now search photos and private messages based upon tags or the text of the photo and message descriptions. Next, users now have the ability to delete their myLot private messages. This will give everyone the opportunity to clean out their inbox and get rid of old messages! Pagination now appears at the top and bottom of discussions with 10 or more responses. This will allow users to navigate discussions without all the extra scrolling! We have also made a couple of changes that reward our experienced users and give our new users a goal to strive for. Only users with a rating over 500 will be allowed to upload photos into comments and responses. In addition, only users with a rating over 500 will be allowed to paste text into the discussion box when allowed under myLot guidelines. While it is still a violation of the myLot guidelines to copy and paste others discussions and copyrighted content, there are times when the paste function is helpful, and our best users know the difference. Finally, users can now rate photos with a + or – and can report abuse on photos. We are really happy with this feature because it will increase the relevance of photos uploaded into discussions and interests, and give myLot users more control over the photos they see!" what do you think about it
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@babray06 (1787)
• India
27 Dec 06
Yes, I have checked their new policies. These are regular changes that keep on happening. myLot has changed a lot and for better. They have seen a phenomenal growth and hopefully they will see more joining.
• Brazil
27 Dec 06
Seems like their policies are a success, as Mylot has reached 50,006 users, hopefully Mylot will make the alexa top 100 Have a nice day