why r people soo money minded

@swasti (1157)
December 27, 2006 3:32am CST
poeple r soo money minded these days ....liek even choosing ur life-partner i think people first see the money and then go about deciding. if suppose a person is goodlookign and soft hearted but earns less..will anybody coem forward to marry him/her??? like people have soo become that they would go to any extent to earn money.atlast wat r we going to get.we all loose soo many many of life's good times and spend time earnign money.i have headr of many ladies whose hus are in abroad countries ,gone to earn more. 1 earthquake, 1 sunami all the efforts we have put goes to dust....what is this life after all???
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@aizavel (558)
• Philippines
27 Dec 06
well i gues life is hard nowadays that people tend to look for people who are stable, it's very expensive to live now, they just maybe think that they'll survive more easily if they would look for people thatthey can rely on, well the things is if we would not earn money we'll be nothing...
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@swasti (1157)
• India
28 Dec 06
yeah true...life is becomnghorrid and tough to live,but it wa people who designed this kind of lif rihgt??