Sould i love a again girl who has dumped me twice?

December 27, 2006 4:12am CST
I loved this beautiful girl in my grade for two years i loved her so much that i wasn't never able 2 talk to her, evry tym i saw her eyes i froze and sumtimes shiver and sweat, i was very shy to tell her, along the course this matter spreaded around the class and she knew that i had a major crush on her. so one day when i knew she had a crush on sum1 else in my grade i got so paranoid that i broke my laptop, later she knew about this. But the guy din't like as he was in a relationship. After a month the same guy forced me to ask her 2 the prom, so 4 the first tym i talkd to her and asked her, she said she'll go with me as a friend. Later i started talkin 2 her and callin her, we had conversations for hours. 3 days b4 prom night she made out with an other guy, when i knew abt this she asked me if i still wanted to go 2 the prom with me, i got pissed with her and was forced to say no. they both didn't go to the prom 2gether but were havin fun in a corner, i wasn't able to see them both 2gether, so for the first tym i took alcohol to get rid of her in my heart, but didn't work. 2 days after they broke up. Itz bin a month now, i still talk 2 her, v r very gud friends now and i still love her. Shall i speak my heart with her or not? plz help
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