Stag & Doe Game Idea's

@Jcblu78 (185)
September 26, 2006 12:39pm CST
Have you been to any good Stag& Doe's, with fun games? I would love to hear what games you thought were fun, please describe how they worked. Which games made the most money. ect. Thank you for you suggestions and advice.:)
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10 Oct 06 - Some good ideas there. Stag and doe parties being the Stag and Hen Night of a 'party' before a wedding? Stags usually end up getting tied to a lampost at least a hundred miles away... and naked! :P
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@Jcblu78 (185)
• Canada
10 Oct 06
WOW, what a great site, thank you so much for all that info. If you find anymore please let me know. Thank you.